We help create jobs and build economies through learning and connecting

We answer the four critical needs to help create jobs and build economies by:


Convene the highest impact stakeholders

Create effective, productive and beneficial Advisory Boards


Share accomplishments with decision-makers

Produce reports and analysis of critical outcomes

Change Management

Security assessments, analysis, situation avoidance, CPTED & ITAR

We are truly diverse thinkers and doers. We have built new collaboratives, shaping learning nationally and internationally. We know how to innovate and can prove that we’ve done it. We listen and learn and mobilize to solve the problem.

We are all way above average…just ask our clients and partners.

Our collective work from past and current projects

Education Planning Initiative
Project Watson

How do we coordinate the twenty three web-based career assessment and guidance tools into one, coherent system for community college students across California?

See how we solved wicked challenges

Orange County Regional Consortia
Consulting and Strong Workforce Regional Plan Development

How do we create California’s model Strong Workforce Program Regional Plan and Proposals for Orange County’s ten community colleges?

See how we solved wicked challenges

Strategic Advising and Providing Intellectual Capital

How do we take the world’s first and best innovation learning experience to community colleges and their students?

See how we solved wicked challenges

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