Powerminds is an extraordinary data, workforce education, and communications consultancy

We bridge education to industry across multiple sectors including healthcare, data and physical security, autonomous technologies/drones, advanced manufacturing, ICT-digital media, energy, global trade, and retail/hospitality sectors.


Credential Engine
Central Valley/CCCCO Credential project
San Mateo CC Code Alignment

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Healthcare-UC Merced, Sutter CCC Nursing Pathways
Contract Education Collaborative Data+Revenue Growth
Autonomous Technology/Drones

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COADN New Associate Degree Nursing Directors Workshop
New Healthcare Faculty Bootcamp
Strong Workforce Marketing/Communications

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We are a trusted organization that publishes to the Credential Engine for our clients and creates custom applications connecting students, educational institutions, industry and credential providers.

We strive to be the go-to provider to data entry into the Credential Engine. Our deep knowledge of higher education provides the critical foundation to working with credential and competency data for a clean integration process.

Identify programs from our partners to enter into the Credential Engine

Data acquisition and clean up in a secure environment

Accurate data entry into the Credential Engine

Professional Development for staff involved in the data science and analytics

Develop use cases to solve problems

Design applications to implement partner solutions

Ensure data security and quality

Data Quality Management

We specialize in data management and integration into the Credential Engine. Using our expertise in industry, education, and credentials, we handle the data organization, cleanup, and security needs for your project. All data are encrypted in transit and at rest. The data lifecycle ensures only necessary data are maintained. FERPA and other compliance guidelines are followed and documented.


The Credential Engine CTDL (Credential Transparency Description Language) schema includes competencies, quality insurance, and pathways. We access the CTDL API and create custom apps for our clients, bringing the ability to answer complex problems connecting the worlds of education, credentials, industry, and jobs.

We have vast experience in higher education detailed work plans. Customer data sources often traverse file types, systems, platforms, and include boxes of paper documents. Our experience ranges from ERP cloud systems to printed files from the 1980s. We meet with clients, assess and develop a scope of work, and bid for all or part of the work needed. In some cases, we lead or advise onsite client staff who perform a portion or all tasks, and in some cases, we perform all tasks.

When requested, we lead or support grant development to raise funds for projects.

Every educational organization is different. We discuss, assess, and propose projects with objectives, key results (outcomes), tasks, timelines and responsible parties that meet client priorities and exceed client expectations.