Getting to Five Million Apprentices: Developing One Working Apprentice for Every 4 College Students

The National Skills Coalition has just released a set of policy recommendations designed to be a guide for the Trump Administration’s apprenticeship efforts. These are federal options for expanding work-based learning.

We at Powerminds, are excited by this. Developing one working apprentice for every 4 college students to equal five million is a very ambitious and aggressive goal compared to our current 500,000 existing apprentices.

Download a PDF of the policy recommendations here.

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Powerminds at CCCAOE 2017 Spring Conference

This year, the focus at CCCAOE Spring Conference program in Sacramento was CTE: Your Key to Equity & Access II. Of course we were present!

Sandra Sisco, along with Powerminds’ Josh Friedman, Dr. Renah Wolzinger and Margo Turner, pictured above from left to right, is the team that presented on Equity in Transfer for Career and Technical Education Students in the California Community College System.

The problem: Community College students who take CTE courses lack adequate transfer pathways to the CSU system. A majority (60 %) of CTE students are from underrepresented populations, representing less than 30% of all CTE transfers. The purpose of this quantitative study is to examine the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program in CTE areas, and identify the ways a CTE pathway contributes to transfer readiness and time to transfer readiness. Find our full presentation below.