“Credentials are the new career currency™”
– Margo Turner, CEO

Why is Credential Transparency Valuable?

Credential transparency empowers everyone looking for education and training options with the data they need to make a well-informed decision, enables employers to better evaluate the value of a credential’s ability to meet business needs, and allow organizations that service students, workers, employers and other stakeholders to provide clearer information about the value of various credentials.

In the current marketplace, people looking for training have to search through individual website pages to find key information like cost, time to completion, and competencies—which is difficult. The wide variety of terms used to describe the data (e.g., using “tuition” instead of “cost”) makes head-to-head comparisons challenging. Through transparency, we help credential users search, discover and compare credentials to meet their needs, employers find both the workers and the education and training programs that meet their needs, and allow everyone to understand how credentials and careers connect to best prepare for the current and emerging workplace.

“Powerminds believes that through transparent credential data, specifically data around competencies, we can help open up a world of applications that uses competency mapping to connect potential employees and industry.
– Renah Wolzinger, Chief Technical Officer.

Through Credential Engine, technologies are now available to:


credential data in a common language across all types of credentials from all types of providers.


credential data across systems and to other credentials.


credential data in real-time.


credential data in new ways to meet educational and economic needs.

Registry participants play an essential role in this initiative by making information about their credentials and quality assurance processes available to the Credential Registry.

The Credential Registry

What it is

The Credential Registry is a cloud-based library that collects, maintains, and connects information on all types of credentials, from diplomas to apprenticeships and from licenses to PhDs. The Registry holds detailed information on all types of credentials in an easily-accessible format. Here you can explore competencies, learning outcomes, up-to-date market values, and career pathways and reference data on modern credential attainment and quality assurance at schools, professional associations, certification organizations, military, and more.

How it Works

Using technology and our common language, the Credential Registry captures, links, updates, and shares up-to-date information about credentials so it can be organized and centralized within the Registry, made searchable by the Credential Finder, customized applications and linked to from anywhere on the open Web.

The Credential Transparency Description Language

What it is

The Credential Transparency Description Language (CTDL) provides a common set of terms that define the “rules of the road” for how credentials, credentialing organizations, quality assurance bodies, and competencies described in the Credential Registry. It’s like a dictionary of credential data that people, organizations, and software can refer to in order to structure information. By creating a common language to describe this information, CTDL enables universal credential comparability.

How it Works

The CTDL is the lexicon of credential terms. When credential information is published to the Credential Registry, the CTDL links each data point (e.g. competency), making it possible to compare that credential’s data across all other credentials in the Registry.

As the first common credentialing language dictionary, the CTDL makes credentials more discoverable across the Web, even if they aren’t in the Credential Registry yet. Linked data also is widely accepted as the future of the Web.


Credential Engine is a non-profit whose mission is to create credential transparency, reveal the credential marketplace, increase credential literacy, and empower everyone to make more informed decisions about credentials and their value.


Credential Engine provides a suite of web-based services that creates for the first time a centralized Credential Registry to house up-to-date information about all credentials, a common description language to enable credential comparability, and a platform to support customized applications to search and retrieve information about credentials.


Through an increasing array of credentials – such as degrees, licenses, badges and apprenticeships – job seekers, students, and workers have more options than ever to help them get ahead. Yet, there has never been an efficient way to collect, search, and compare credentials in a way that can be both universally understood and maintained in a manner that keeps up with the speed of change in the 21st century. With an estimated 250,000 credentials in the U.S. alone, and likely millions worldwide, this lack of information in the marketplace contributes to confusion and uninformed decision making.


Credential Engine is using technology to bring transparency and credential literacy to the marketplace to provide the reliable information needed to make better credentialing decisions and reveal credentialing and labor trends.