Why Powerminds?

Working with our Tribe is like pressing the “easy button”. We can solve your problems because we’ve been in your shoes! With eons in the education, security and change management​ sectors we know the challenges you face and how to solve them.

We are multi-disciplinary problem solvers providing a wide range of services including Strong Workforce Program end-to-end planning through implementation, Innovation Networks, ProSearch labor market and best practices data, change management, apprenticeships, regional brand development, development of employer engagement communications and strategic plans, employer/union outreach, collateral material development, media buys, media relations, website design and development, website usability testing, baseline awareness survey research, focus group testing, modern social media management, and project management.


Convene the highest impact stakeholders

Create effective, productive and beneficial Advisory Boards

Develop and delivers complete initiative start-up

Change Management

Build and implement work plans

Produce reports and analysis of critical outcomes

Improve crucial processes and procedures

Share accomplishments with decision-makers

Implementing Regional and Local Strong Workforce Programs

Planning and Preparing Regional and Local Strong Workforce Program Proposals – and for other sources of funding

Fix early (or delayed) program “lift off”

Fix early (or delayed) program “lift off”

Introducing: ProSearch

We all face a common Wicked Challenge: how do we prepare for — and shape– the future without relying on yesterday’s information alone?


Research is retrospective and focused on what has already happened.
ProSearch looks ahead: it projects and it produces plans for action through a progressive process.

ProSearch tracks and shares critical trends for the next three and five years and even ten years.

These use the most accurate sources and widest range of future-focused quantitative and qualitative sources.

The ProSearch™ Process is highly interactive using a series of provocative and even visionary presentations and thought exercises to trace the trajectory of these trends. The impacts and insights are immediately applicable and customized to sectors, occupational clusters, programs, colleges and Districts.

ProSearch™ builds a visual eco-system connecting these trends and what they mean to educators, stakeholders and students.

Improving Accountability

Recruiting employers and other critical stakeholders and convening Advisory Board Meetings that capture their best insights

Research that looks ahead – what we call ProSearch—and helps predict emerging trends in occupations and skills

Capturing new data and metrics that align with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) – with an emphasis on Innovation

Getting clear answers to the thorniest problems

Submitting your Annual Applications and Reports

Interpreting and meeting the requirements

Demonstrating not just compliance but results

Innovation Coaching & Execution from a practitioner point of view


Accountability Improvements